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Firoz Jokhi Photography Mom and Son
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Hi and welcome to my world of photography - where we don't have a photo session; we have a fun time together like old friends catching up. I tell jokes - really poor ones at that, we have awkward conversations, I pose you weird, have you do crazy dance moves - all so I can get great candid pictures of your very natural smile and genuine emotions.


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Life is too short to NOT enjoy, appreciate and preserve every single moment!

Firoz Jokhi


Hi, I am Firoz, and I am glad to have you know me.

I believe every one has unique personalities and share unique bonds with your loved ones. That genuine you is what I love to capture in my photos, and I would love for you to get in touch with me so I can start to get to know you better.

Please feel free to look around the site and get a feel for my style of photography. While you are here, why not get to know me a little?

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"Firoz genuinely cares about each and every person that he works with"

"With Firoz, you don't need to plan too much just tell him what's the occasion and he makes it very easy for everyone"

"Firoz simply asked my kids to enjoy the moment and do what they want to do and while they were enjoying and doing the silly stuff he captured those happiest moments"

- Deepika & Abhishek

Family portrait photographer

"Firoz has so many magical family moments captured for us, that we will treasure for years"

"He does put an extra effort to make sessions fun, specially with kids who don't like taking pictures"

"He helped with picking the perfect location, suggestions on clothes and picking right time of the day made things much more easier for us"

"We had to just show up without any worries to a beautiful and fun session"

- Soniya & Bhavik

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"Firoz managed to put our daughter at ease and even smile and laugh in the pictures, kudos to you Firoz!"

"He also had a lot of poses in mind, all of them very natural and we had a lot of fun posing along with our daughter"

"We enjoyed the finished pictures too and ended up framing a lot of them"

- Chitra & Ranjit


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