Firoz Jokhi


Hi, I am Firoz (Fee-rose), and I am a photographer based in Kansas City.

I'm here to give you more than just a new Facebook profile picture. I'm here to give you beautiful memories of a lifetime that you would want to print and place on your walls!

Born and raised in India, I have been a Kansas Citian since 2003. I live with my amazing wife Jui, my tweenage son Neil, my best bud schnoodle Bandit, and my newest furry room-mate Loki.

Firoz Jokhi Family

We love travelling and visiting new places as a family. Capturing our adventures on my trips was what got me interested in photography.

My journey began there, and moved to to now capturing authentic moments, emotions, personalities through my images.

I am truly honored that you are looking at my work. I hope someday I can create ever-lasting & cherish-able memories for you!

If you ready to document your own journey, I'm your guy! I can't wait to work with you!

Facts About Me

I am a husband to my amazing wife Jui, and a father to a wonderful son Neil

I love reading science fiction books though I haven't as much lately

We love travelling & visiting new places as a family

I won't ever say no to a cup of chai. Any time, any day.

While I am originally from India, Kansas City has been my home for over 17 years now

I love developing video games and it's something I would do even if I won the lottery!

We are huge superhero movie fans! A Marvel movie is a weekend thing for us

We have a 11 year old dog Bandit and a 4 month old pup Loki